Based in Richmond, Virginia USA, Nivis was founded by people with a passion for winter sports and an expectation of excellence.  Being good is not enough.  The Company has evolved into one of the only outerwear brands in the world that is 100% assembled in the USA.  After being told repeatedly we couldn’t make premium ski jackets in the US, we did it.
We are unlike traditional outerwear brands that offer hundreds of products, essentially something for everyone.  That is not Nivis.  We offer a select few products that are done extremely well. 

We care deeply about making the best products in the market – details matter and we obsess over them.

So why can you trust us to be your gear of choice? The performance, fit, and style of our jackets are what differentiates us from every other ski apparel brand.  We use world class globally sourced materials which are cut and sewn in the USA by our manufacturing partner, a family business with more than 50 years of experience in the clothing industry.  We have spent several years perfecting and testing our designs in all conditions from on-piste to backcountry.  We drove across the country and talked to retailers and professionals showcasing our jackets with enthusiastic reception, and used the feedback we got to bolster them further.  We use premium water-resistant stretch fabrics, lightweight yet warm synthetic insulation, and top end trims, then combine all that with an unbelievably comfortable athletic fit and all the features you’d expect and want.  Finally, the jackets look great with stylish colors and unique accent details.  Wearing a Nivis jacket will set you apart.  We are not for everyone, we are for you.

2022 Limited Run

 2021 Prototype

2019 Prototype

2022 Limited Run

At Nivis, we are about more than just quality products, we are also about improving quality of life and the world we live, work, and ski in.  That’s why 2% of all our revenue goes to charity, specifically to improving the lives of veterans and for the well-being of our planet.  Unknown to most people, veterans played a huge role in the development of the ski industry in the US, and the country in general, and we want to give back.  Helping out the environment is an obvious need and we want to do our part.

2020 Prototype

Our vision is to become the best niche outerwear company in the world, the go-to brand for those seeking truly unique and better products.  We will always retain our focus on performance, fit, and style, and give back to our communities whenever we can.
Thank you for checking us out. 

See you on the mountain soon!